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Minka is one of the most famous Asian porn stars in the USA because of her gigantic string implants tits. Now she took the time and fully revamped her official website to make you see her quality! This woman got some insanely proportioned curves and her giant tits are a world wonder! This girl is hotter than hotdogs. Any fan of Minka porn sites needs to join this one because this is the official home for huge tits asian suerbabe Minka. Check out the free pics and clips of Minka and join her excellent website for the latest giant boob updates of monster titted Minka in XXX and more.
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10/23/2014 01:43 PM

Giant fake tits super MILF Minka and her astonishing tits of epic proportions are back in hardcore action with the good tit fanatics from the Score group, especially on their High Definition video site at ScoreHD! This is a feast for all true Minka fans! Her luscious mature face and those heavy huge implants with the big juicy nipples are the dream of all fake boob lovers! I’ve always been a fan of women with incredible out of this world boob jobs!

And Minka definitely is one of the champions in this discipline of the xxx world! Her massive pumped up chest is to much to hold for just one guy, so the action swiftly focuses on the fucking with this gorgeous lady! Her big boobs are driving many a man insane with the sheer view of unbelievable titty meat! Minka is still one of a kind when it comes to giant titted Asian babes! So be my guest and check out her new scene on ScoreHD!

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09/27/2010 10:57 PM

Scoreland is bringing us fresh views on Minka’s enormous growing tits! This MILF is one of the favourite pornstars of many tit lovers! Not only for her huge fake tits, but also for her unique hot looks! Almost the only Asian babe with huge tits implants ever! And you have to love how she manages herself in all her tremendous scenes and images! Minka is a total sex doll ready for fake tit lovers to give them the ride of a lifetime! If one huge titted Asian will make implant lovers smile, then it’s Minka! And Scoreland just got a lot of Minka!

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09/26/2009 11:44 AM

Minka, the Asian MILF with the super-sized boobs implants is having a series of hot updates at her Minkaxxx website. This tit model never ceases to amaze me with her tigth and sexy outfits. Her luscious juggs and her tremendous body are a feast for your cock. The sheer size of those basketballs on her sensual torso makes me erupt time after time. Minka is one of my all time favorite huge boob model, in case you didn’t guess so yet. Her glorious ultra big tits are simply spectacular and in her hardcore scenes she literally fucks like a pro. Rock on Minka!


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09/14/2009 11:17 PM

Huge tits superstar Minka is posing in some really sensual lingerie at her official website Minkaxxx. This woman clearly is one of the hottest enhanced pornstars of all time. Her looks are absolutely stunning, I love Asians with big tits anyways, but the massive fake tits on Minka are making her way hotter than your average big tits pornstar.

Her gigantic fake breasts always make my dick dance in my pants, so to speak. This woman simply is a personification of the whole huge tits fetish. As a huge boob fanatic, I really adore her inflated super tits. This is how more women should enhance themselves for a sexier world!

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07/26/2009 03:07 PM

Wow guys and girls! I just realized that there’s a whole new big tits hardcore site for the huge boob lovers out there! It’s called FreaksofBoobs and prominently features boobmodels such as Crystal Ashley Storm, Daphne Rosen, Ricki Raxxx and Minka in some of the best big tits HD movies I have seen in a while!

This site is ready to hit the big tits scene like a nuclear missile! One of the best thing to come along this summer. I love their line-up. These guys are true tit fans if they bring us pornstars like these! Fucking incredible! Someone should make them a big tits medal of honour! It’s time to check out why I’m crying in enthusiasm at FreaksofBoobs.com!

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Huge tits Asian star Minka is kicking ass on her official site with some gorgeous updates. Her sexy white lingerie covering her massive string implants gets me off any time! This lady is the epitome of MILF and fake tits modelling. Her hot body seem to get even hotter over the years! Such a juicy MILF is exactly what big tit hounds need for the sexual stimulation right here! You simply gotta love Minka and her amazing fake boobs! The word huge was invented for tits like these! Check out this wonderful pornstar on MinkaXXX. I love her tits!

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06/29/2009 09:56 PM

Minka is one of the most famous porn stars with massive breasts implants, no doubt about it. Her gigantic chest is the fetish of tons of big tit lovers, that’s for sure. I love the way in which this amazing woman presents herself to the world of huge boob fanatics. Her enormous juggs are absolutely fascinating for the true giant tit fetishists.

And if she manages to squeeze them into this tiny leopard bikini, it makes them look even bigger! So if you consider yourself a huge jugg lover, you’ll definitely be excited by Minka’s latest fresh updates on her official Minkaxxx website.

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Did I mention we love Minka? :-)

The latest and greatest updates on the official website of giant tit Asian sensation Minka are making my dick explode lately! Just look at this gorgeous mature lady and her massive string implants (which keep on growing as you might know)! Simply one of the hottest biggest tits women on the planet earth! If you like big tits Asians as well as latinas such as Vanessa Del, then its time to join up on TitsAndAssPass, where you can get the perfect multi girl access pass to Minka and her huge tit colleagues!

She is still one of the hottest super boobers! Have a good one and check out this hot sample!

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Minka, the famous huge tit model with the huge string implants is making update after update at her revamped paysite! In her new stuff we can see an all time favourite in the world of huge tit pin-ups, the bunny suit! Now if this pictorial isn't a reason to jerk one off! Minka is becoming hotter and hotter with age IMHO! I love her amazing record setting monster melons a lot!

This woman is one of my all time favourite giant boob models ever since she popped into the huge tits stripper s and porn scene! So now get the best bang for your buck and try out the incredible Minka to see what I am drooling about here on the huge tits weblog. This lady got some unreal assets and is definitely in my personal top 10 for giant boobed women.


So get ready for a massive load of Minka's incredibly huge tits and join her official paysite right now, my dear giant boob fans. Huge asian tits dont come any bigger and betteer than our favoirte huge boob pornstar Minka. Any boobs fan needs to see her at least once in his life. Breast obsession starts with Minka. Who doesnt know this huge boobed asian babe with that certain hot look in her sexy eyes.  It's time you try her offcial pay site.
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